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Personality traits of successful sales people are usually defined as likeable, personable, emotional intelligence and easy to talk to. To an extent this is true. However, when the quest for these traits leads us to a fear of rejection or a fear of upsetting our prospect we can find ourselves losing out on opportunities. This is what Sandler Training considers the “Wimp Junction.” Meaning; you have chosen to live in the buyer’s system as opposed to your own selling system. “Wimping out” can include, not asking an important question out of fear of sounding like you are interrogating your prospect. It can also include withholding key market knowledge out of fear that it may cause an uncomfortable conversation or even offend your prospect. The aggressive salesman is viewed negatively and, if our idea is that we want to be liked, then the last thing we want is for our customers to view us as pushy.

Something to Consider
Several years ago, The Harvard Business review published an article entitled “Seven Personality Traits of Top Salespeople.” Although, there were the expected “warm and welcoming” traits included on the list, there were also a few surprising traits most of us would not expect. 2 such traits are “Lack of Gregariousness” and “Lack of Consciousness.” Hard to believe in a profession where the teaching is "people buy from those they like" one of the keys to success would be a lack of “friendliness.” However, this trait makes perfect sense. The friendly thing would be to make your prospect feel great about all their decisions and tell them everything they are doing is great. However, with your knowledge of the industry and the marketplace it is your responsibility as a partner who has your prospects best interest in mind to be informative, consultative and challenge them even though you may run the risk of stepping on toes.

Sandler Rule #30 – You can’t lose anything you don’t have
Be prepared, create a game plan, understand the challenges and make your move. Michael Jordan once famously quoted “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” For those of us in business this simply means you can’t let the fear of rejection lead to inactivity. Your solution to rejection is to build your pipeline through effective prospecting. If you don’t prospect and your pipeline only consist of two opportunities you will be faced with a very stressful situation. Should one of those opportunities “fall through” then the pressure is extremely high for you to close the 2nd deal. Anxiety, stress and fear are intensified as a result. On the other hand, if you prospect consistently and find yourself with 100 opportunities in your pipeline, you can afford to "fail" on several of them. This allows you to approach each prospect with confidence by reducing the fear of rejection.

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